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Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment and Sport

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Media, entertainment and sport have been radically disrupted since the introduction of the internet. Now, technological breakthroughs in the creation and distribution of content – as well as immersive experiences – are forcing new changes.

How can new experiences, interactions, and content driven by next generation technologies create an era of innovative growth, impact and value for consumers, companies and society as a whole?

Our Platform enables business, government and civil society to prepare for changing media business models while addressing the responsible use of data, shifting technology paradigms, and ensuring online safety as the nature of the internet evolves.​

Our Initiatives:

Defining and Building the Metaverse:

A set of consumer-facing technologies, blended virtual and physical environments, and digital and physical assets are all combining into a single interface. Many believe this so-called ‘metaverse’ will augment, and eventually even replace, the way we currently use the internet.

The Initiative has two key workstreams: Metaverse Governance: focused on co-designing frameworks or analysis to contribute to global understanding and responsible deployment of the metaverse. Economic and Social Value Creation: new and changing value chains and business models in the consumer, industrial and enterprise metaverse


Explore our Initiative as a Service for the Defining and Building the Metaverse or contact metaverse@weforum.

Global Coalition for Digital Safety:

The Global Coalition for Digital Safety is a public-private platform for global, multi-stakeholder cooperation to develop innovations and advance collaborations that tackle harmful content and conduct online. It aims to:​

  • Accelerate public-private cooperation on digital safety by exchanging best practices for new online safety regulations.

  • Coordinate action to address risks to child safety, tackle violent extremist and terrorist content, and address health misinformation.

  • Enhance digital media literacy and resilience

The Initiative has three key workstreams: Global Principles for Digital Safety, Toolkit for Digital Safety Interventions and Innovations, and a Digital Safety Risk Assessment Framework.

Explore our Initiative as a Service for the Global Coalition for Digital Safety or contact

Power of Media

Media companies and organizations are uniquely positioned to leverage the scale and reach of their platforms for positive societal impact on key issues such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), equality, justice, sustainability and societal wellbeing. ​

Currently the initiative is focusing on tackling DE&I issues with respect to production and distribution of media content and enabling cohesion in society through sport and entertainment. ​

Our aim is to advance representation in media and entertainment sectors. Currently focused on improving measurement & accountability with respect to DE&I in content and creative production.​

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